There will be no increase in the minimum wage. The social partners are members in the Group of Ten, and have since sat morning, no agreement was reached. It is a loss for workers with a minimum wage walk, and in the meantime, to 90.

the trade Unions and employers, sat down Wednesday morning in order to negotiate the variety of files, including the minimum wage. The increase was agreed to in last year’s loonakkoord, but I passed, not with the trade unions. The socialist trade union) was proposed to increase by 1.1 per cent to a few. Over the last few weeks, the minimum wage is again on the table, but, as yet, to no avail. Possible in the next few weeks of the new arrangement.

Due to the absence of an agreement, it runs in the loss for the 68 000 employees, with a wage rate at up to 90 tweette, ACV president Marc Leemans at the end. That, say, Mario Coppens, president of the christian union. “At the end of november and will be available for the minimum of the loss incurred, up to 90 euros.”

The christian union hopes that by next week, there is still an agreement will be reached, that the minimum rates of pay on the 1st of november already, with a 1.1 per cent rise. It would have to be in the National labour council (NAC) must come out. “The documents will be ready and waiting by the WALKWAY. We’re here to help and our signatures. We hope that everyone has a good think, and quickly to follow,” said president Marc Leemans.

in The socialist trade union has, however, been no mandate to agree to an increase in the minimum wage by 1.1 percent. The trade unions want to do more. “We also want to provide a view of the lake, but it would be the first increase of 1.1 per cent will not let it lie,” said of the Incident on the position of the trade unions. “Incomprehensible”, says the ITS president, to the attitude of the employees-trade union.

The first print is out on the 22nd of October, together with the evolution of the file to view it. That said, Miranda Ulens, executive secretary of the socialist union. The union wants higher wages be separated from one another dossier, in particular that of the period of notice. But in the werkgeversbanken will be two files attached to see,” said Ulens.

The federation of Enterprises in Belgium (VBO-feb) goes on to argue that the minimum wage level, and in the case of the period of notice, which is a part of the long notice periods are used for those who want to work at a new job, not the employers are associated, as in the past loonakkoord, as has been agreed upon. “We have to block anything. We do not link to nothing. The ball is now in the camp of the trade unions. All of the other partners, be prepared to be in the National labour council, an increase of 1.1 per cent to approve it,” says managing director Peter Carpenter. The FEB also want to negotiate for a further increase of the minimum wage, provided that the compensation for the additional costs incurred by the employers to make a resolution for the notice.

with The dialogue on Wednesday, ran already is very difficult. It is DRAWN up, it is not to say that the trade unions this week pointed to the front doors of the employers ‘ organisation, and without a call by the union during negotiations.