at the End of may, she went to the door of the Ochtendshow in CHARITY, and, by extension, that of the belgian, behind her back. Now it becomes known that, Julie Van Stone (27), on-board, it is in the VTM. “We have a nice plan for her.”

the Hostess, Julie On the Rock made it to the end of may, in itself known, while The great Peter Van de Veire ochtendshow radio station, CHARITY, and where she was five years old at the start as we: they would have to stop as a radio dj, and in the same breath seemed like her exit from the public service broadcaster as a matter of fact. The plans continued to move forward and not say, “It’s time for a little longer than 03.03 hours of sleep, and start thinking about what comes next.”

Now it becomes known officially that the Brick on board, it is in the VTM. Is reportedly going to be an exclusive, but it does have the channel, never to communicate about the contents of their contracts, could not be confirmed. “Well, I can tell you is that we have nice plans to have a Party. She’s a talented and fit, so be sure to be with us. However, it is still too early to say what projects to do,” said spokeswoman Sarah Vercauteren.

the Stone was, however, already been linked with a new daily talk show that the VTM is in the pipeline, though it is tentative, a little more on communicating than on the possible launch date (October 28th) and is the likely host (Jack is totally safe, and 36, as well as the creative director of the VTM’s).

Whether From the Stone and it is effective, it will show up, it is still not clear. The fact is that they already have experience with a flat-screen tv in 2017, as presented, together with Freek Braeckman and the Single-program, the Typical men . In January of last year, she was next to William, Of the Chief of the host of the “GENIUS”.

The news comes just two days after the transfer of Karen Ladies of SBS (up to Four) and Five) to the VTM, and came to the surface.

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