At 67, Denise Austin Demonstrates Workout to Target ‘Menopause Belly’

Denise Austin recently shared another “fun” and effective workout to target “menopause belly.” The 67-year-old fitness guru demonstrated two “kickboxing-inspired moves” in a video posted on Instagram. These exercises combine cardio and core work to help women lose weight after menopause and specifically target belly fat known as “menopause belly.”

In the video, Austin showcases exercises that aim to tone the abs and boost the metabolism. The first move involves standing with feet shoulder-width apart and performing punching movements to the side while pivoting on the feet. Austin emphasizes tightening the abs during this exercise. The second move focuses on the obliques, with Austin transitioning into a high lunge position and pulling her knee towards her belly while twisting slightly.

Fans of Denise Austin appreciated the energy and effectiveness of the workout, with many expressing their excitement to try the exercises. Austin’s commitment to helping women stay healthy and fit, especially during menopause, has garnered her a dedicated following of fans who credit her workouts with their improved health and vitality.

In addition to the kickboxing-inspired moves, Austin has also shared other exercises targeting menopausal belly fat on her Instagram. These include the “wood chop,” which works the entire core. Austin acknowledges the challenges of dealing with stubborn menopause belly fat but encourages her followers to stay committed to their fitness goals.

A well-rounded exercise program that includes both cardio and core exercises, like the ones demonstrated by Denise Austin, is essential for maintaining overall health and achieving weight loss goals. Coupled with a nutritious diet, these workouts can help individuals feel their best and stay in top shape.

For more workout inspiration and tips on staying healthy, be sure to follow Denise Austin on Instagram and check out other effective workout routines. Investing in your health and fitness is a worthwhile endeavor that can have long-lasting benefits for both your physical and mental well-being.