Astrology: what your ascendant really says about you


You know your sun sign like the back of your hand, but did you know that your ascendant also says a lot about you? It’s the one that rises in the east when you’re born and it changes every two hours, unlike the sun, which stays in your sign for a month. To calculate your ascendant, you absolutely must know your time of birth.

As Natacha S., astrologer, explains, “it will determine the temperament, the character, the way of being in the world” of a person. It can therefore soften your sun sign, but also give it more relief in certain cases. In a word, it is your ascendant that will give you unique characteristics and differentiate you from someone of the same sign as you. It will also shape the image you send back to society. According to Natacha S., the ascendant also determines what we need to feel safe.

Be careful, as Natacha S. explains to us, it is possible to give generalities around ascendants but, to understand it in its entirety, it is necessary to look at the whole chart. If you appreciate astrology, we advise you to turn to a professional, who will calculate your star chart and can tell you more about your sun sign, your moon sign, your ascendant and even your descending sign…

Do you think your sun sign matches your personality? Wait until you know the characteristics of your ascendant, because you will always have surprises. We tell you everything below.