Astrology: do you know the meaning of your moon sign?


Everyone knows their astrological sign. But the latter actually only shows part of our personality, as long as we refer to it.

In reality, each human being has an astral chart of his own: a kind of sky chart, which lists the position of each planet at the time of his birth… And is full of valuable information. For example, the placement of Venus will say more about love behaviors, that of Mercury, on how to communicate…

However, the three main placements of a horoscope are as follows:

But concretely, what do they correspond to? “The sun is consciousness, the radiance. People experience their sun in the form of an ego personality, and ultimately it is consciousness beyond the ego”, explains to PlanetOzalee, astrologer and author of the 2023 Astromagic Agenda.

“The ascendant, continues the specialist, is the relationship with people, how we present ourselves to others. And the moon sign, meanwhile, speaks to us about habits, intimacy, our needs and our fears”.

The moon, in astrology, but also in myths, is linked to the figure of the mother, and to femininity. Traditionally, the night star is also the symbol of time, moods or the subconscious, death and rebirth.

For Ozalee, the moon sign therefore represents our deep emotions, our genuine sensitivity, and our sometimes buried fears – as well as the needs that arise from them.

The moon sign is therefore an integral part of everyone’s astrological identity. To calculate it, it’s very simple: just enter your date of birth on a specialized site like Cafe Astrology, EvoZen or My daily horoscope.

Do you know yours? Find out what it says about you in our slideshow, with lighting from Ozalee.

Ozalee is an astrologer. She is the author of the 2023 Agenda of Astromagie, available from Trajectoires editions.