the Chairman of The German bishops ‘ conference, cardinal Reinhard Marx, sees a certain duty of care in Germany for deported asylum seekers. “We can’t accommodate all the people,” he told the “Bild am Sonntag”. “But we also carry for those responsible, who have no claim to Asylum and, therefore, must go back.” They had often been for years on the road and have been mostly in Germany for several years. “For you, a return home means shame in the rule,” he explained. To my “we put someone on the plane, and then everything is back to how it was, is too simple.”

Important help in the countries of origin. “Therefore, in cooperation with the local Church even charitable focal points, to facilitate the return,” said Marx, Archbishop of Munich and Freising. “Anyone who thinks in the long term, but should also consider political, such as the people in their countries get a fair Chance. Can one invest there? People get an education? It is about changing the conditions in the countries of origin for the Better, so that people can stay there.“

In the case of offenders, deportation is a question of law. “If someone has committed a Crime, so this must be consistently punished – up to a possible deportation,” said Marx.