As with Favre? – Better you know in Dortmund, degree nichtBVB Coach Lucien Favre is the opposite of a man of action, in the title race in the German Bundesliga lacks the courage of his Team again. However, speculation as to his departure are premature.Freddie Röckenhaus0 KommentareGut, but not good enough to be champion: Lucien Favre.KEYSTONE

It was just a side remark, but somehow she seemed to connect the whole of Dortmund’s frustration this Evening with an unexpected resolution. The Sky Reporter asked after the game from a respectful distance coach Lucien Favre, as he is so that you can expect at Borussia Dortmund from him, apparently the title, and that the had become with this 0:1 is impossible. Favre answered, as we know it, probably without a great deal of calculus: “I know That, that goes on for months. But I stay calm, I trust me. In a couple of weeks, I’m going to talk about. Not now.”

“In a couple of weeks.” Another coach might have been the as a warning to interpret as a notice of termination. However, in this specific case, it is more likely that Favre was disappointed in this moment, and in its sometimes imperfect English, only wanted to say that he was riding in the first place, six games until the end of the season to best. “We played well,” he added. But that made everything worse. Well played? It is said that, if you just lost the championship against Bayern? Again? One can think of the maybe – but not after such a scary uneventful lost the game in the cameras say?

Dortmund will lose most of the “Clásico” high gejazzten duels

Favre’s supposedly against the record reveals fell anyway, by return of post in the great Interpretations-windmills of the football operation. In the Sky Studio world champion Lothar Matthäus immediately had a whole causal chain of Europe: The sentence can only mean that Favre retire at the end of the season, and that in the summer, lo and behold, the Munich-redundant Niko Kovac’s take on the BVB. At least part of two of Matthew’s new theory of relativity, is likely to keep any scrutiny.

in fact, this 0:1 against Bayern could be used but as a last proof that Dortmund will lose the important games against the Munich-based mostly. On this Sunny early summer evening that was as almost always. Yes, Jürgen Klopp has won with Dortmund in the Cup final against Bayern, but then in 2013 the Champions League Final against them will be lost. Otherwise, Dortmund loses most of the “Clásico” high gejazzten duels, regardless of the coach. This could also be due to the fact that FC Bayern is the only German Club that constantly loses its most important players still in financial need.

While the low sun, burned in the stadium, more in the eyes than the passion of the gallery on the lawn, you could not talk to the Trainer and also free to be a part of the problem. Emre Can, only changes at half-time, and dabbled in diplomacy: But, you have to gain 100 per cent: “But it has us missing the last consequence.” The unconditional will to win, but not with the last consequence. In fact, Cans made a harmless statement, the Dilemma is palpable. Favre said: “We have okay played.” The question of the Evening, however, was: Can we afford to play against Bayern, “okay?” Without courage and precision in each of the last and next to last Pass? Although it was clear that on this night, only a win against Bayern would have something counted?

Favre sees risks, less opportunities

Favre had decided before the game as he chooses – not just of our players have the mentality, also a Trainer. He had dispensed with Jadon Sancho, Emre Can and the healthy reported Axel Witsel. All Training is lagging behind, as Favre, a well-founded right: “you cannot play 90 minutes.” This is probably true – but given the Option to switch five times, it was a frivolous Argument. While a guy like Klopp or Bayern counterpart Hansi Flick, starting with the strongest, maximum respect will infuse the lineup in such a big game, and let Favre his rather second cast ran: Delaney, Dahoud, Hazard. First, let’s see, wait and see.

Favre, as much as you know in Dortmund, is more of a risk avoider, one who is not noticed in the water glass in front of his nose, it is full or half full, but a threat of drought looming looks. Favre sees risks, less opportunities. He is not one who reaches for the stars to fail this maybe. He watched the sky as the immutable Firmament. That makes him smart, but the opposite of a man of action.

But football will be decided in moments, you have to get brave. As Joshua Kimmich in his goal to 1:0. Mats Hummels, twice a champion with Dortmund, three times with Bayern, said laconically: “As stupid as it sounds, but with such a brilliant Moment, such games choose.” Courage is part of the game.

no, it wasn’t anything wrong with Favre’s BVB, only the most

Favre’s Borussia accompanied, however, also in this game, caution and fear. At halftime, the coach corrected his statement: Can the missing aggressive leader, the Bavaria superior, self-confident physicality had to oppose something. And Jadon Sancho, with 90 percent still accomplish more than his representatives. For that, Favre once took up the playmaker Julian Brandt out – and the surrender document signed in order. Brandt had verdaddelt in his sometimes, will o ‘ the wisp type, although some of the scenes, and stood at the Kimmichs gate trellis. For Brandt gave the BVB game structure and arranged the three, four best offensive actions of his passes. No, it’s all wrong in Favre’s ball – only most of it. Referee Stieler and his Video Team at Boateng were had Elbow against the corner of Haaland hand, penalty given, it would have been a 1:1 in it. But what would have previously been the subject of heated discussion, let make the BVB in front of the empty South stand with. Also the gave to think.

no, Favre’s Eleven is probably not so self-conscious as that of Bavaria, whose mental robustness from a human continuity arises that you cannot afford in Dortmund. It may be that Favre is, indeed, no master builders. At the Moment, but the BVB knows no better. This is a strange job guarantee, but the principle should be tested for millions of married couples.

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