As the American President undermines democracy


Analysis of trump’s style of government – Like the American President, democracy is not eroding democratic standards of interest to him, they would prefer to drag Barack Obama and Joe Biden in front of the court: Donald trump’s America pushes to Hungarian conditions.Opinion Kilian Martin from Washington59 he Kommentare59Dass regular powers, does not want to admit that he has under the Constitution, is only one of many characteristics of his autocratic style: U.S. President Donald Trump during the Corona-crisis. Photo: Alex Brandon (Keystone)

Viktor Orban’s Hungary is not a democracy, but a “hybrid Regime”, was the second-to-last week Freedom House, a respected Washington non-governmental organisation for the promotion of liberal democracy.

The downgrade is likely to be the Leaders in Budapest shooting. Opponents of the Trump Administration perceived the process as an ominous preview of what could happen to the United States, if the President is elected in November. “Who wants to know where Donald Trump would like to lead the United States into a second term, need only look to Russia, Hungary or Poland,” said Ben Rhodes, Deputy security Advisor in the Obama administration.

his doubt, use of the Malaria drug hydroxychloroquine to the protection against the Coronavirus, to his endless Twitter feuds with God and the world, and now even with Fox News: trump’s non-stop circus is not to whitewash only his incompetence. He covers how far the erosion of democratic standards under this President is already advanced.

With Obama from the crisis

That Trump does not want to grant regular powers he possesses under the Constitution, to distract is only one of many characteristics of his autocratic style. The conspiracy myths that the paranoids maintains with devotion, the result of a disdain for democratic practices.

The escalating fight with his predecessor, Barack Obama illustrates how far to go, the President now is ready. “Obama gate” as a free trumped-up scandal will not only distract you from the questionable Management of the President of the Corona-crisis. Trump, apparently, is convinced, indeed, his predecessor have him want to bring before the assumption of office in January 2017 to the case. And the Russia affair was the means.

Not for the first Time Trumps potent imagination getting the better fortune of his judgment: Among other things, he claimed that Barack Obama had during the election campaign of 2016 will be the phone to listen. The evidence for this allegation presented Trump never.

you should determine to jail

Still, the President is now insisting in all Seriousness that against Obama and his Vice Joe Biden because of “Obama-gate” to. They would prefer to throw them into prison, as it is in banana republics when dealing with political opponents is commonplace.

In Pakistan will be vacated and the predecessor of the Ruling sometimes get out of the way. Or in Haiti. In America this would be new territory, the tilled Trump nevertheless, already during the election campaign of 2016, when he asked, his competitor Hillary Clinton had to be eingesperrrt””. They live “rent-free in Donald trump’s head,” commented Clinton in this Obsession.

Barack Obama lives in the same rent-free in trump’s head, him to the President, if necessary, with legal re-enactments humble. So far, however, the judiciary does not want to go Minister William Barr, otherwise a reliable sweeper to his Lord and master,.

His hotly-awaited show trials against the alleged author of the Russia affair could get the President yet.

Against Biden and Obama will do nothing, appeased the justice Minister on Monday – what Trump’s “surprise” was. His hotly-awaited show trials against the alleged perpetrators of the Russia affair could get the President yet, if the investigation of Barr hand-picked Prosecutor John Durham is completed. Then would the former FBI chief, James Comey, and other former FBI tips might be done to the collar, a further step in the direction of Budapest in order.

The mucus-secreting employees

this is Similar for the dismissal of various General inspectors in Trumps ministries. They excited the indignation of the President, because you have studied your duties were and possible stabbing Trumps and his subordinates such as foreign Minister Mike Pompeo.

you have hate, because to demand accountability has become a dangerous business in Washington. “Who wants to keep his Job, must be more loyal than all the others, even if it leads to quackery,” explained trump’s Ex-communications Director Anthony Scaramucci, the States in the government. “You have to flatter the private, and you have to flatter the public,” says Scaramucci about the emotional Fragility of the boss.

For internal debate and criticism, is not a place to be called for submission, as well as hagiogra fish adulation, as, for example, in the Corona-disaster expression. By the greatest President of all times with prudence and energy, leads, happy is the Nation can consider themselves to be in these turmoil times of a light shape, such as Donald Trump ruled.

every Day, but the subordinates and employees of the President such a slime, is to imagine how a re-elected President of his faithful followers to celebrate liesse. Trump in November, wins Budapest is getting closer still.

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