He would look “stupid” if he agreed on compromise proposals – that should have said Donald Trump, according to the channel CNN to members of Congress. On the twelfth day of the “Shutdown” was no solution in sight. The tips of the Republicans and Democrats came together on Wednesday with Trump, to negotiate. The funding for several government agencies such as the Department of homeland security was run before Christmas, because the relevant issue laws had not found a majority.

The President made in the past few days, a Twitter Tirade after another going on and stayed with his message: Either the wall was financed to Mexico, he had promised his supporters during the election campaign, or the Americans would have to get on with the authorities to a standstill. The Meeting on Wednesday was held in the Situation Room of the White house, where else would international crises and sensitive security issues are discussed – Trump underscore so that the wall-financing is for him such a topic.

For the Democrats, Nancy Pelosi, the former group leader in the house of representatives, and the minority leader in the Senate, Chuck Schumer. The Republicans were represented by the political group leaders in both chambers, Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy.