Artists and Cultural Organizations in Amed Unite Against Injustice

Amed City Theatre, Middle East Cinema Academy, Ma Music Academy, Women’s Culture, Arts and Literature Association (KASED), and Dicle Culture and Art Association have come together to address the recent appointment of a trustee to Hakkari Municipality following the 31 March elections won by the DEM Party.

During a joint statement in front of the Dicle Culture and Art Association, actor Ömer Şahin from Amed City Theatre highlighted the role of artists in advocating for social justice, freedom, and human rights. He condemned the arrest of Hakkari Co-Mayor Mehmet Sıddık Akış and the appointment of a trustee as a grave injustice.

Şahin criticized the undemocratic practice of replacing an elected co-mayor with a trustee, stating that it goes against the will of the people. He emphasized that art plays a crucial role in defending freedom and independent society, and that the government’s actions are undermining the democratic process. The ban on demonstrations and events by the Hakkari Governorate was seen as an attempt to suppress democratic reactions from the people.

According to Şahin, artists and art institutions have a duty to uphold social peace and democracy. He called on the democratic forces and the people of Amed to speak out against injustice and stand up for their rights.

This united stance against injustice in Hakkari is seen as a crucial step in safeguarding the principles of freedom, democracy, and human rights in society. Artists and cultural organizations are determined to defend their values and advocate for a just and inclusive society.