If Drake and his record company have succeeded in having the false collaboration with The Weeknd, which has quickly gone viral, removed from listening platforms, artificial intelligence continues to surprise them. Two new songs using the Canadian artist’s voice have appeared on the web, reports the American site TMZ.

Presented as pieces made using artificial intelligence, Winters Cold and Not A Game have been available on YouTube since Wednesday. They were uploaded by two different users.

“Sounds like him”, “it seems so real”, can we read in particular under the first video which, twelve hours after its publication, had already been viewed more than 4000 times.

Recall that on Monday and Tuesday, at the request of Universal Music, various services, including Apple Music, Spotify and YouTube, removed from their platform the song created by the artificial intelligence Heart On My Sleeve, on which we could hear the voices of Drake and The Weeknd. Having gone viral, the piece sparked a debate surrounding the use of artificial intelligence in the music industry.