The Name was discretely changed. No new sign has been installed at the entrance, no new letter head, the official Writing ed. The Frankfurt office of refugee management has been called since mid-December, “Department for housing management and refugees”.

Marie Lisa Kehler

editor in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

F. A. Z.

Lord mayor Peter Feldmann (SPD) this has a Letter. “We want to bring the housing management in the centre. It is no longer only a Refugee but also to the homeless,“ said the spokesperson of welfare Department head Daniela Birkenfeld (CDU). She cites another reason for the new name. “We ask ourselves, how long are we supposed to still be a refugee to speak, and when we refer to people simply as Frankfurt, is the search for an apartment.”

“the homeless citizens of Frankfurt”

7900 homeless are currently housed by the city in shelters, Hotels, and urban transitional apartments, 4900 of them came as asylum seekers to Germany. The rest of the 3000 apartment were “lots of Frankfurt citizens,” said the spokeswoman. The latter were previously raised by the youth and social services care. But since the office anyway, especially with the search for accommodation deal, if you wanted to put together in the future the tasks. The staff the staff the renaming had proposed. Also, because they would have been, according to the Department spokeswoman again and again the question of how long a Fugitive could actually, as such, are referred to. A question to clarify it on multiple levels.

Legally, the answer is clear. At least for the lawyer, Peter Auer. He refers to the Geneva Convention on refugees. It says, among other things, that “the term refugee applies to any Person who is from the well-founded fear of persecution because of their race, Religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion, is outside the country of his nationality”. According to Auer, the people to which these points apply will remain “refugees for an indefinite period of time” – at least “until the expiry of the refugee status”.

This could be the case if a refugee return voluntarily in the country from which he fled. But also, if the political situation in the country stabilized again. “Were given only temporary residence permits, but no permanent settlement permit, can result in cessation of refugee status under certain circumstances, to termination of the stay in Germany,” he explains.

for the First time accepted felt

But for how long refugees people even see themselves in this role? When you start to feel on this Status reduces? Mohamad-staff ousama Qaterjy recalls. At the age of 24, he fled from Syria to Germany. That was the end of the seventies. He was in West Berlin, a request for asylum. Two long years, the today, sixty-two years old, remembers he didn’t feel part of society. In this time he had received no recognition status. He was not allowed to travel, not without further work. For him it was a penalty. “The man must work in order to stay healthy.” Eventually, his asylum was granted to the applicant. “I was allowed to move freely and earn money. So I felt for the first time, accepted.“