Leonardo, who else, always know. If you throw a sponge full of paint against the wall, so it is passed down from the genius of the Renaissance, he’ll leave “a stain on the wall where you can see a beautiful landscape”. And he continues: “It is true that you can see in one place many inventions.” Since then have thrown, in order to remain in the picture, generations of artists time for the pastime, sometimes out of Arrogance and sometimes out of sheer desperation, a sponge on the Studio wall and color on the paper. With quite different results.

Christoph Schütte

a Freelance writer based in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

F. A. Z.

whether it may not be the equal of Leonardo’s landscape, so it was in the unintentional and full of curiosity of the sheet discover in Justinus Kerner’s “Tintensäue” or the development of the Rorschach tests, are the drawings of Victor Hugo and Gustave Moreau or the surrealism and the Expressionism: If the thrown patch but always all sorts of wonderful.

Abstract BLOB of mappings

If the Hessian state Museum in Darmstadt, will be presenting under the title of “ink-animals” now a strong selection of ink drawings by Leo Grewenigs, add the leaves, first meeting in the Tradition of the “BLOB filmography”, as it is called in the case of Kerner. But mainly as a gift from the estate of the artist in the Graphic collection of the national Museum arrived to Work are a real Surprise.