Art exhibition and Corona Art Basel 2020, finally, the alternate date, the Basel art fair canceled in September is now cancelled. Now, a serious impact on the art to be feared in the market. Christoph Heim0 comment no Stroll between art possible, Art Basel 2020 is cancelled.Photo: Nicole Pont

The Art Basel, the largest and most important art fair in the world, the 50. Output would be now in June, this year is definitely off the table. In March, the fair had decided to move the Basler appointment because of the Corona pandemic in September. Meanwhile, however, in numerous discussions with the participating galleries clear that the September to keep will be.

The primary Considerations were the health and safety risks associated with the pandemic and, secondly, the financial risks for exhibitors, and partners, and, thirdly, the persistent obstacles to international travel and, fourthly, the fact that the Federal government has not yet communicated when large events with over 1000 people can take place.

The impact of the Decision for the ailing MCH-Group serious. The trade fair, the group that leads the way in Basel, through, breaks away after the Basel World, the Art Basel 2020. Whether and how the art market is recovering, if this pandemic will once be history, no one knows.

Online Viewing Rooms instead of a fair

The Art Basel optimistic: All efforts are now to go in December in Miami, next March in Hong Kong, and in June 2021, again in Basel, a big art fairs can take place. In addition, you want to carry on the art trade over the Internet after forces. So for the middle of June, so-called Online Viewing Rooms are announced, which are intended to be a substitute for the Art Basel.

Since art fairs have become in the last few years, for many galleries the most important sales channel of your art, it is feared that many small and medium-sized galleries may go bankrupt. If you want to survive, it must reduce its costs to a Minimum. The best chances of Survival have to agree that Mega-galleries such as Hauser & Wirth, David Zwirner and Gagosian, which make hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for the year, on almost all continents, and structures have been constructed, the measure is practically independent of art.

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