Arrival of the snow: who can fear power cuts?


This is one of the main concerns of the French this winter. Faced with tensions on the electricity network, the government is increasing prevention and awareness measures. One of the devices put in place to prevent generalized and uncontrolled blackouts – also called blackouts – is load shedding.

These are scheduled and localized power cuts, lasting a maximum of two hours. The purpose of this interruption is to regulate energy consumption and maintain control over the network. Very supervised, these power cuts will be the subject of an initial alert on D-3, and confirmation – or not – on D-1.

But here it is: power cuts are not the only factors that can lead to a forced extinguishing of lights in your home. The Weather Channel echoes the risks of power cuts caused by snowfall, particularly in the south-east of the territory.

“In addition to traffic problems in mountainous areas, this snow will snag power lines and risk creating ruptures”, explains the site specializing in meteorology.

This scenario is more likely to occur when temperatures are close to 0°C, or even slightly positive, and the snow is loaded with moisture.

Please note: as specified, these cuts have nothing to do with the scheduled load shedding likely to occur in the coming months.

If the reliability remains low at this deadline, the south of France seems to be the most threatened area for next week, where France “will remain at the crossroads of the masses of mild air over the Mediterranean and the cold air present over northern Europe”, specifies the forecaster.