17 years after the Disappearance of the schoolgirl Peggy from upper Franconia has been issued against a Suspect arrest warrant for murder. The 41-Year-old from the district of Wunsiedel deny the accusation, informed the police and the public Prosecutor’s office on Tuesday in Bayreuth.

It was still “urgent suspicion” against the Germans. He should have been at the killing of nine-year-old “perpetrator or accomplice” and the lifeless body then in a forest in Thuringia have filed. Possibly it should be covered with the murder of a previously committed Offense, stated the investigators. The man had already been on Monday.

Peggy was on 7. May 2001 on the way home from school disappeared. Only 15 years later – at the beginning of July 2016 – found a mushroom parts of their skeleton in a forest in Rodach Brunn in the Saale-Orla – just 20 kilometers from Peggy’s home town of Lichtenberg in the upper Franconian district of Hof.

three months Ago, the 41-Year-old had admitted in an interrogation that he had placed Peggy in may of 2001 with his car in the forest. He denied, however, to have the girl killed. He had taken on the lifeless child at the time of a well-Known at a bus stop. He had tried to ventilate the nine-year-old – but she is in a blanket Packed and in the trunk of his car. The satchel and the jacket of Peggy wants to have burned the 41-Year-old days later at home.

the Essential details of the man were not, however, “with the further investigation results in consistent”, stressed the police and the Prosecutor’s office. Therefore, the officers arrested him. The 41-Year-old was caught shortly after Peggy’s Disappearance to the attention of the investigators: According to the MDR report, he is said to have 2001 in intoxicated and said that he had the body of nine-year-old buried.

microscopic Pollen

the mortal Remains of the girl, investigators discovered microscopic microscopic Pollen, which they identified as components of peat – this is a reference to planting, the work of the man on the Day. In addition, officials found the bone remains of paint, as they occur in the renovation waste. “The investigators, it was known that the now Accused, at the time, extensive renovation was done,” it said in September.

Also, an alleged Alibi of the man blurted out: Contrary to his earlier information, he was on 7. May 2001 in Berlin-Lichtenberg. The video recordings from a branch of the Bank documents.