Arminia Bielefeld before the rise – tongue twisters made way into the League free of Bielefeld, the rise in the Bundesliga is hardly more to. For Cédric Brunner is an absolute dream, but the team runs on the gums.Eva TedescoNach a 4:0 victory against Dresden on Monday you can plan to Arminia Bielefeld in the Bundesliga. Keystone captain Fabian Klos (l) and Switzerland’s Cédric Brunner of the season after a strong season with the Arminian after eleven years of the rise of.Keystone, each player had to stop and was briefly cheered. The majority of close down the window. Marcel Hartel with even sang.KEYSTONE1 / 7

The football business has taught us in the past, often times, that one should not praise the day before evening. But Bielefeld is able to take the risk, because the return in the Bundesliga after eleven years, is to take the Ostwestfalen barely.

players and coaches were after the 4:0 win against Dynamo Dresden on Monday in the poor and celebrated the climb with the first box of bikers and beer. In the midst of them, the Swiss Cédric Brunner was. A little hoarse and tired he was, he said Tuesday afternoon on the phone. “We have been celebrating in the cabin a little, at least to the extent that it was because of the protection provisions is possible.”

Brunner’s first thought: Shit!

The defender has been playing since the summer of 2018 for the Team in the second Bundesliga. After 12 years at FC Zurich he was looking for a new challenge and found it in Bielefeld. The Start was not according to your wishes. Shortly after his exchange, he suffered a tear in a meniscus, and fell five games. In may 2019, the next serious injury followed. Brunner remained after a head ball duel in the game against Paderborn unconscious. The diagnosis: a concussion and a broken shoulder joint. “It was all torn in the shoulder, which can tear. This was my first serious injury and the first Time I was almost five months.” Ans he has thought of giving up but never.

Brunner fought back and since his Comeback in September, to be bearers of the power. “After the change of coach Jeff Saibene, who was the main reason why I went to Bielefeld to Uwe Neuhaus, was my first thought: Shit! The coach talked at the beginning hardly with me, and that leaves you some time to doubt. But after two weeks he came to me and said he had a little talk needs to be seen with me because he had to close other sites. I thought that he must keep something from me.”

Up to a game (yellow lock), stand Brunner since then, in more detail, since the 9. Round always in the starting XI and scored in 24 League matches, two goals. A large proportion of the outstanding season, the 26-Year-old coach Uwe Neuhaus writes. “He has changed our game style.” Jeff Saibene, the main focus was placed on the Pressing against the Ball. Much possession of the ball calls Neuhaus of the team and you have worked for a long time. “We take more risk and this needs courage, but the Trainer also calls for.”

For courage has rewarded the team now. For the first time on the climb, it was believed, as it wintered as a Leader, and also successful in the second round 2020 was launched. But then Corona Bielefeld stopped. “It was brutally difficult for the head. The fear that the season will be cancelled, which was very, very difficult to handle. Because of the fear that everything is taken, into which we invested a lot of and what we have managed, finally, as a Bielefeld player, not every year the Chance to play in the first Bundesliga to ascend was.”

Brunner prior to contract extension

Brunner Will play, but actually in the League? The contract of the defender runs out at the end of June. “I am confident that Cédric will continue to accrue for Arminia,” said sports Director Samir Arabi in the “Kicker”. It was to the extent agreed, confirmed Brunner. He thinks that in a week or two, there is clarity. Also in the table.

in Purely mathematical terms, the eighth rise in the club’s history on Tuesday or Wednesday, could not be perfect if one of the trackers, the HSV against Osnabrück or Stuttgart against Sandhausen win. For Brunner would rise to an absolute dream. “The rise but not sure,” Brunner explains the subjunctive. But the Arminian has none of the last twelve games lost, there’s a point that is still missing seems to be mathematically not impossible.

in Addition, an important Element of the season is back: The looseness that carried the Team through the season and to success and which had remained after the Re-Start something on the track. “The victory against Dresden was like a liberation,” says Brunner and resulted in three points and a spontaneous ski holidays in the cabin.

At the next Party should be properly celebrated. Then the Fans join in the celebration, which gathered Monday in front of the stadium but want to. Around 200 Fans waited in front of the Schüco-Arena and sang and celebrated every player had to drive through the crowd. More than a song through the car window was not there. Not in times of Corona. But Pit Clausen, mayor of Bielefeld, has already announced that the town hall balcony is closed.

tongue twisters for the mood

“I am curious as to how you want to organize,” says Brunner, because the anticipation is already huge among the approximately 20’000 to 30’000 followers, who want to celebrate their Arminia. You’ll find a solution in a “reasonable framework,” says coach Neuhaus.

The former assistant of Matthias Sammer is considered to be rather reserved in Public. “It speaks to me often, the looseness,” he told the German news Agency dpa even. On Monday, he chatted but loose the beans. He told of how he tried during the corona break the mood high. “We have rhymes to recite. Real childish things,” revealed the 60-Year-old: “There’s always been a Loser of the week, and then had to recite Fischers Fritz or something. We have laughed about it.” It was actually funny, and “it worked,” says Brunner. “We were able to Laugh. That was nice.”

After such an emotional year, Arminia easy to have a laugh. “But we are glad when it is over,” says Brunner, “we run physically and physically slow on the gums.” But at least 90 minutes of Zurich, and the team needs to bite yet. With a win against Darmstadt, Arminia can make yourself all right with the climb.