Argentina is making progress with coming to terms with a dark Chapter in its history. Many heads of the Argentine military dictatorship have been made in recent years in the process. For the first time, representatives of the military junta, working for multi-national corporations have now been sentenced. A three-judge panel said the 87-year-old Pedro Müller, at that time, the production Director of a Ford plant in the province of Buenos Aires, and the 92-year-old Héctor Francisco Sibilla, the former safety Manager of the plant, due to the kidnapping and torture of factory employees guilty. They were sentenced to prison terms of ten and twelve years of age.

Tjerk Brühwiller

Rapporteur for Latin America with headquarters in São Paulo.

F. A. Z.

According to the judges, the two leading staff would have permitted the establishment of a detention centre in the premises of the factory, Kidnapped for questioning. 17 of the 24 workers whose cases were processed, were recorded at the time of the dictatorship in your workplace. Eleven of them are still alive. The prosecution was able to show that the company has benefited during this time economically, and as the repressive wing of the dictatorship had used to eliminate unpleasant people, said a Prosecutor. In the case of the Victims was not subversive resistance fighters, but by ordinary trade unionists.