Argenta is in agreement with the kantoorhouders decided to use all of the machines empty, and for an indefinite period. They will take a decision after the next plofkraak. Customers, therefore, will be no more money available.

Argenta, in consultation with the kantoorhouders decided to make all atms today are empty, and for an indefinite period. It’s going to be 364 units in approximately 460 offices. Customers will be able to meet in the Argenta-atm, so no money to collect, and no other operations to perform, please let the board Wednesday afternoon to know.

“The safety and security of our customers, kantoorhouders, employees, neighbors, and passers-by will above all else. The continuing wave of increasingly aggressive plofkraken force Argenta to this drastic measure to take,” said Mieke Winne.

These far-reaching measure, is the direct result of a three-plofkraken in October, at the Argenta-machines, each time with a huge damage. Up to now, there have been, fortunately, no casualties.

“We will, however, make sure that the criminals, both at home and abroad, and increasing the use of explosives, because the machines always better to be protected because they are at the Argenta never made a spoil, were able to make.”

At the Argenta branch carried out the criminals in the last few weeks, three plofkraken on the 5th of October, in Herselt, on the 25th of October at the Ash Wednesday St. Nicholas. According to the bank, were it not for the plofkraken in order to money, spoil to do. There was a “huge material losses”.

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according to figures published by bankenkoepel Febelfin, it appears that the criminals of this year, in our country, over the past 22 plofkraken (or attempt to) carry out. That is, there are already more than the whole of last year, when there was a total of 18.

The bankenkoepel it says on There to have an understanding of the measurement of Argenta and the hope is that the situation is improving, says a spokesman, Rodolphe de Pierpont. He points out that most of the machines of the Argenta out of the wall, while the other banks and, often, vending machines are available, and at night the doors are closed.

you can Test the Purchase, let know are not happy with the provision of Argenta. “Because it is primarily the customer’s will find it”, says Simon, in November.

banks are for the time being, don’t plan on such a drastic action to be taken.

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