The mission of for job seekers and companies closer to each other, and to bring the results annually in a number of job fairs. With the fifth edition and over one thousand visitors, and more, the Fair, Antwerp has become a permanent fixture. That there will no longer be able to be seen, is also evident from the great number of participants, with a selection of businesses, government departments and human service providers.

On Wednesday, september 25, waves, in co-operation with the VDAB has, as the doors are opened by BluePoint in Berchem (antwerp) for the fifth edition of the Fair in Antwerp. More than a thousand jobs are to be experienced by employers in a variety of industries, including retailers, supermarket chains, logistics companies, healthcare organizations, and public services, as well as smaller companies as well.

“There are the classics, such as The Line, human resources, Rail/Infrabel, the police and Health, Antwerp. But it is also in the vicinity are reasonably a new job, such as Cool Blue, and even a KFC. In addition to leading supermarket chains like Lidl, Colruyt Group and the Albert Heijn supermarket and a health Senior Living Group Armonea, and Orpea”, says Maikel scheffers Of the Product and a Marketer of The Jobs are mainly, but not exclusively, found in sales, manufacturing, engineering, supply chain, engineering, human resources, marketing and accounting, and health care. The VDAB is also available for coaching and support to all the candidates who have to pass it on to their careers.

The major advantage of the jobevent, it is a direct and informal contact with a potential employer., also is responsible for the stock market in an easy way, you have a resume to present to the participating companies. This can be done by your resume / cv in advance to add it in This’. Your ticket to the show will be a personal code-to-face. On the basis of this code, the participating companies, in your cv and to quickly access. But, of course, you can always have a few printed resumes with me to the show is bringing in. Also, if you’re already on the job, but would like to see this, it is thought. The stock market continues to do this, which is open until 19 o’clock.