In the months-long search work it was the Reporter, the background of the affair to illuminate. The "star".

A key role in the Argumentation of the senior most Doctors Silvia Vieker and Jörg Schmitt the sudden death of 19-year-old Victoria H., who was for many years at the hospital due to epilepsy in the treatment plays. They reconstructed the case on the basis of the medical report and accused the clinic of contributory negligence. Your Problem is: The closest members wanted to conclude the matter and refused to allow the two Doctors to the conversation, so were not able to clarify the last open questions in conclusion. But now the mother of Victoria breaks. h. for the first time her Silence.

police advised the mother, and clinic

"We felt often from the hospital left alone", she says. In the year before her death, Victoria H. I have repeatedly had seizure-like States with dizziness, headaches and Nausea. "I sat on the floor, I held the head and in the clinic called, the doctor said that hospitalization was necessary."

she had been to the police, I want to display the hospital, an officer said: "Think of the good. Your daughter would have to be exhumed for the necessary investigations." The hospital takes the accusations of the mother with regard to doctor-patient confidentiality, however, citing an opinion.

the Lack of Review

The case had been examined, the hospital have to meet any debt. It is strictly kept under lock and key. Neither the Medical Director nor the works Council know it. The Supervisory Board and Association members were allowed to meet in a conference room to see mobile phone photos were prohibited.

"no opinion" says an Insider, the name would not be called, because all are obliged to remain silent. "The allegations have not been evaluated by sampling and no patients were viewed files, or individual meetings with employees. Some of the defects were confirmed in cautious words.

funds on the game

At the end, there were suggestions for improvement." the mother of Victoria H. knows nothing of a report. "me and Victoria’s fiancé were in any case never questioned." Because of the lack of members of consultation in the context of such an important report, Klinikum Bayreuth could come under pressure. Critics get rise, describing it as a "Vanity-opinion".

The hospital strongly opposes, the fact is: It comes from the Partner-University hospital of Erlangen, wants to reasons, soon in cooperation with the Klinikum Bayreuth is a "Medical corps" in the Wagner city. Annual funding in the amount of 36 million euros, 44 million more will flow into new teaching and research building.

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