Architecture in Switzerland – So compressed BauenIn goes to Chur is currently being built brisk and subsequently compacted. A particularly successful example of the old dwellings of the seniorenzentrum Cadonau are.Daniela Meyer0 KommentareDie new buildings of the seniorenzentrum Cadonau lie on the edge of the city of Chur. Photo: Hannes Henz

The image could have come from the centre of a small town with a turbulent history: To the Right, a new, four-storey brick house with attic, to the Left is a sixties building with a high, wood-paneled Base. Between the houses a few metres. A narrow footpath leads to a restaurant, a terrace, beyond which is a reddish shimmering glass facade rises to a height of.

A colorful mix of styles, with time, grown. However, the facades, strolling along with no people with shopping bags. Instead, a Senior with a walk on the slightly inclined Because of that, the other without a Walker. We are located at the Seniorenzentrum Cadonau, located in a residential area on the outskirts of the city Churs.

The house with the brick façade and its twin, which is only a few metres further on, form the latest addition to the Site. 35 retirement apartments added Chebbi Thomet Bucher Architects from Zurich, the heterogeneous Ensemble.

The living and cooking area, old-age homes exudes generosity. Photo: Hannes Henz

to find the right place, was no easy task. The largest contiguous free space found at the bottom of a Slope in the Form of a fruit garden. However, the architect gave the inside of both the green space as well as the aligned construction Peter Takes respect.

“The two small towers, we put between the stock, that as many views from the existing buildings remain intact,” says architect Karin Bucher. By the two-point struts buildings in the height, they form a contrast to Takes flat early work, which stands between them.

Like these old apartments from the 1990s, the new buildings have generous access areas. The stairwells are located on the facade; circular lights illuminate the Vorzonen to the apartments in addition. Here you can set the inhabitants on a wooden bench and a chat to hold.

Perfect for a chat: The Vorzonen to the apartments are brightly lit and with Seating benches. Photo: Hannes Henz

In the longer-side dwellings for the Area is typical of the contrast is evident: From the balcony in the kitchen you can enjoy the view of the Calanda massif and in the valley of the sprawling city. In the bedroom, however, the view extends facade just to the next House. A living situation that seems to be very urban.

Urban is also the facade material. The brown clinker is reminiscent of residential buildings in Northern European cities. “To find a Material that fits in the heterogeneous context, was not easy,” confirms Karin Bucher. Eternit, plaster, glass, and fiber-reinforced concrete – all the gabs already.

“With the clinker, we have opted for a stand-alone expression without being noticed.” The natural Material with the dull surface is restrained and establishes a tactile connection to the tuff stone masonry of the Zumthor building.

Restrained clinker shapes the Outer. Photo: Hannes Henz

was born by chance here on the Northern edge of town, a type of clinic or health cluster. Earlier embossed vine and fruit trees on the hillside above the village of Masans. The many Green areas and beautiful views to the Bündner Oberland is likely to have attracted the first clinics attached.

the 1892 completed the forest house, at that time, a cantonal lunatic asylum matters, today a psychiatric hospital. In the second half of the last century, a lively residential construction activity continued to the foot of the historic ensemble, wherein the zone planning reserved a number of plots for public buildings.

Conspicuous the powerful building conglomerate of the cantonal hospital of Graubünden, which is currently experiencing a considerable expansion is. The Zone for public buildings allows a high degree of utilisation, what is in this green-surfaced and single-family homes dominated district, is quite noticeable.

The Canton hospital of Chur with the new children’s hospital (far right) and the new main building (on the left), both of Staufer & Hasler architects, Frauenfeld.Photo: Marcel Giger

the risk that it does not remain in the future, when the density of Islands of the hospitals and seniors centres. The building laws of the city of Chur in the three – and four-storey residential zones stately buildings. The legislature is allowed wide leeway for the self-responsibility of the Client.

In the case of the extension of the seniorenzentrum Cadonau in a respectful compaction has been achieved. As is the case with the development of other clinic areas at the beginning of the project, an architecture competition. The question now is, whether the plaintiff also in the case of New and replacement buildings in the residential zone, to maintain the unique qualities of the district.

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