The number of jobs remained stable in Quebec in April, but it continues to increase at a good pace in Canada, with an increase of 41,000. The unemployment rate in the country remains unchanged at 5%.

The increase of 41,000 jobs in April was higher than the 34,500 increase recorded in March and once again exceeded expectations. Labor market watchers were banking on 15,000 more jobs. April’s increase is concentrated in part-time employment, while the number of full-time jobs has not budged.

New jobs are concentrated in Ontario, and in the wholesale and retail trade sector.

In Quebec, the number of jobs remained stable for a third consecutive month and the unemployment rate, at 4.1% in April, remains close to its historic low of 3.9% in January.

The Quebec region has the lowest unemployment rate in Canada, with 1.7%. In the Montreal metropolitan area, the unemployment rate is 4.6%.