Apple’s main strategy, the Emotion. It is everywhere: In the way that the Californian technology group will be presenting each year its latest products. In the television commercials and on the posters that advertise this. And in the communication to the outside: Apple makes our lives better, more beautiful, more meaningful – that is the message that millions of customers around the world higher and higher prices for iPhone and co. with a shrug tolerate twitch.

In an Interview, which was conducted by the Apple CEO Tim Cook is now with the American TV channel CNBC, it was a lot of emotions. The Journalist Jim Cramer tells the story of how great he finds the reminder of Apple’s photo App. Just this Morning he had been to a beautiful Moment in front of a year. Cook loves the function, he says. Cramer says that his daughter is still the iPhone 5, would you trade only over your dead body, against one of the new models, because it was already so perfect. Cook is happy to hear that, finally, Apple wants to make its customers first and foremost, happy sales. Therefore, the Apple community is so loyal, along with the innovative spirit of the team, was the organization most important to you.

Cook gives the Interview in a time in which the exchanges respond emotionally to Apple and falling prices. After the group had screwed up last week its sales forecast for the first quarter of the year 2019 back, was among the investors nervousness wide, proclaimed analysts and journalists “dark days” for the company. At times, the price fell by almost 9 percent. Apple slipped to the ranking of the most valuable companies in the world. A few months ago, the group had cracked the first private company in history, the One trillion mark in the stock market and seemed to be unchallenged on the throne to sit.