this month, we assume is with great pleasure that the presidency of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). In you 119 have been closed to the public broadcasters from 56 countries, the, make, individually and collectively, make an important contribution to the democratic, cultural and social life in Europe.

Public broadcasters are unique in the modern media landscape. We make decisions solely for the benefit of the user, regardless of commercial or financial considerations. In the rapidly changing world of today, this is becoming more and more important.

first, the public broadcasters are in a unique way, able, and obligated, to bring our culture to the expression. We know that spectators want to see exciting new productions from around the world, but we also know that you want to see your own reality of life on the screen or on the Radio represents. You are at shows is interested in working with some of the most pressing issues in their society.

It is therefore important not to confuse selection with diversity. It may be more and more offered content, but this content is always in a lesser degree, the truly independent and have to do with the life of people and their social environment. In Europe alone, broadcasters are investing in public-every year, more than € 18 billion in local content. Of these, over 80 percent is allocated to original productions. And we know that where frozen in the financing of the public broadcaster or reduced, this gap is not closed by other investments. As a promotion of local ideas and talent, this is not only for the domestic creative industry is of great value. It is also essential for the cultural development and shaping of our national identities.

Second, an important role of public broadcasting, because it brings people together. In the past year, the BBC published the results of a global survey showing that more than three-quarters of the respondents in their country as split view, and with the aggravation of this Situation expect. In fact, many of us have the impression that the society in which we live, is split as never before.

Thus, the universal mission of the public broadcaster becomes all the more important and relevant. It is our duty, each and every Individual to address, to give voices expression and to contribute to an understanding of the social groups to each other. That’s why the EBU offer members services in more than 160 languages, more than 260 programs, which address linguistic, ethnic or religious minorities, as well as 226 programs for children and youth.

And thirdly, is the public broadcasting is an essential beacon of trust in a world full of Fake News. Users today have access to more news and information than ever, but ironically it is becoming harder for them to find news and information, of which you know that they are reliable. This is important because democracy depends on it. A democracy, in which there is no access to reliable information, is a weakened democracy. Therefore, the basic principles of accuracy and independence, which the feel public broadcasters are obliged to become increasingly valuable. That we advocate for in-depth reporting and tirelessly for the truth, is more important than ever.