on Thursday, October 24, is called upon to play truant for the environment, and to demonstrate in Brussels by the Youth for Climate change. Anuna-The Truth has spread through social media with a message that they have picked up on the boat, which at the climate change conference in South America, but is now on the Spanish island of Tenerife, in full.

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the . “It is quite clear that our ministers have not yet understood it”, it sounds in the languages, which is The Truth together with Adélaïde Charlier and Josefien Hoerée a call to take to the streets. “If they think that they are skipping school have to deal with rather than the huge climate change problem.”

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Anuna, The Truth, and Kyra is in Gantois, autograph collection to give lessons to hundreds of students in Gent, belgium: “for Us climate change policy is a joke,”

Klimaatactivisten occupy any Square:

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