Justice in the U.S. antitrust case against Google initiated Google must adjust to the antitrust proceedings in the USA. This year, Google could stand up in court.5 Kommentare5Der American technology company, Google will have to adjust to the antitrust proceedings in the United States. (Archive photo)photo: Marcio Jose Sanchez (KEYSTONE/AP)

The Internet giant Google must adjust to an anti-trust lawsuit in the United States. The attorneys General of several States pushing such a procedure, such as a familiar with the Situation said.

so it could still be this year for the process to come. According to the “Wall Street Journal” is preparing the Ministry of justice a procedure already in place for the summer.

the target of The investigation to the search engine, advertising business and the handling of the operating system Android. The attorney General of Texas, Ken Paxton, said: “Our antitrust investigation against Google will not be delayed by the Coronavirus pandemic.”


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