Anti-racism protests in the groups – About 10’000 people demonstrate in Geneva At the first major event in Geneva, after loosening the Corona-measures was protested against violence and racism. Mostly with mouth protection, and 300-level groups.3 Kommentare3Niedergekniet: About 10’000 people attended an Anti-racism Demo in Geneva. Keystone

more Than ten thousand people demonstrated on Tuesday in Geneva, the fight against violence and racism against Blacks. The event took place on the day of the funeral of a brutal police operation in the United States killed African-American George Floyd.

“Silence kills”, “I’m Black, I exist” or “No justice, no peace”, for instance, on posters in the “Black Lives Matter”rally. The mostly young participants followed a Demo call, the after the death of Floyd’s on the 25. May in Minneapolis was done.

“We are marching together for a better world in which racial inequality has no place,” said one of the young organizers. This denounced “systemic racism in Switzerland”, as well as police violence and racial Profiling – stereotypes and external characteristics-based Act to the police.

With masks and disinfectants

The Demonstration was the first large event in Geneva, after the easing of the measures against the Coronavirus pandemic. To follow the instructions, have groups of 300 people is formed. Most of the protesters wore masks and carried a disinfectant for the hands.

The March continued against at 18.50 in the city center in motion. At the top is a banner with the inscription “I can not bring any to breathe”. Similar events had taken place on Saturday in new castle, Bern, Basel and Zurich, and on Sunday in Lausanne.


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