Anti racism Demo in Paris Young French people protest against racist police violence
Anti racism Demo in Paris Young French people protest against racist police violence

Anti-racism Demo in Paris – Young French people protest against racist police violence, the French police have a racism Problem. 20’000 people protested in the capital. A new movement in there?Nadia Pantel from Paris4 Kommentare4″It is all of our fight”: The Protest in the French capital was organized by Assa Traoré. Your brother in 2016
died in police custody.Photo: Michel Euler (Keystone)

For four years, Assa Traoré arguing that the police responsible for the death of your brother Adama. So many support such as on Tuesday night they had never been: the 20’000 people came, according to the authorities for a rally, “justice for Adama,” he asked. “If you fight today, for George Floyd, then you are fighting for Adama,” she called Assa Traoré the protesters. The family Traoré, and their supporters maintain longer contacts to the Black-Lives-Matter-movement in the USA, the protests against racist police violence against Black people.

Adama Traoré died in the summer of 2016 in police custody, a few hours after his arrest in a Paris suburb. Three police officers were kneeling on his back, Traoré had repeatedly tried to escape. In the Protocol of the arrest is that Traoré said that he get no more air. The police called an ambulance; when this arrived, it was no longer the 24-Year-old alive. The exact cause of death is disputed. On Friday, a court issued a post-mortem analysis, which relieves the police. Traoré had died of a “cardiogenic Edema” – a pre-existing condition. On Tuesday, however, an opinion that had been given Traorés family, in order came to the conclusion, Traoré was stifled by external violence.

battle cries of the United States

It was mainly young people who gathered in front of the new building of the Tribunal de Grande Instance de Paris, the most important court of the city of,. taken Most of them wore breathing masks, a good two hours, the Demonstration was peaceful. Was not allowed, however, due to the Corona pandemic gatherings are still banned. It was only when it was dark, it was on the edge to violence. Barricades were lit, the police used tear gas. The posters were linked to the protests in the USA, there is also one of the battle was taken up calls: “I can’t breathe”, I can’t breathe. Also, the Name George Floyd was read on T-Shirts and bands to. Floyd was killed last week in the USA, by a white police officer. His death triggered a huge wave of protest.

The response to the protest call of Assa Traoré learned, but it is not only due to the Inspiration from the USA. Until the middle of may, a strict output was in France for eight weeks inhibit, the spread of the Coronavirus curb. Residents of the impoverished suburbs of Paris or Marseille, where the majority of life in the immigrant and their children, reported in this weeks from the arbitrary and to violence in the case of police checks. The relationship between suburban residents and the forces of law and Order is tense for decades. The former accuse the police take action in response to racist structures within the authorities, and especially against young men with African roots are unnecessarily brutal. The latter complain of high crime and drug trafficking in the suburbs.

Ribéry against racism

Shortly before the start of the curfew, the Association Urgence Violences Policières, emergency police violence has brought out a mobile App, which will allow the systematic filming of police operations by French citizens. Urgence Violences Policières was founded by families whose relatives were injured in the operations in the police. The Association is supported by a number of Celebrities, including the football player Franck Ribéry and the writer Virginie Despentes.

barricades were lit, the Paris police used tear gas. Photo: Abdulmonam Eassa ()

For European conditions, the French police has an unusually wide Arsenal of weapons. So you can use tear-gas grenades and rubber bullets to control demonstrations. These weapons were originally introduced to in the suburbs to use. Is there demonstrated, not the authorities, this is mostly as political rallies, but as the uprisings against the hard action should be taken.

14 people lost criticized for an eye

The use of rubber will be shot in France since the movement of the Gilets jaunes solid. Now the bullets hit the white middle class. According to the newspaper “Libération” were injured within the first two months of the yellow West protests at the end of 2018, more than 90 protesters and journalists with rubber bullets of the police, 14 people lost an eye.

At the rally on Tuesday, some of the former leaders of the Gilets jaunes involved. Also, stricter law enforcement within the police. The Paris police chief Didier Lallement wrote on Tuesday in a letter to his employees, the Paris police was “not violent and not even racist”.

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