America’s President, Donald Trump has submitted the resignation of the American special for the Anti-IS coalition is confirmed – and this with some ridicule for Brett McGurk linked. McGurk would be anyway to stay until February on his Post and have explained a short time before his retreat, wrote Trump on Saturday evening on Twitter. The “Fake News”-the media made a big deal out of this “void event”, he lamented. He know McGurk, had as yet been made by the then President Barack Obama used, not once. “Busybody?”, Trump wrote.

the American media had reported that McGurk from kick because of trump’s controversial decision for a troop withdrawal from Syria in advance. Trump announced on Wednesday, all of the 2000 U.S. soldiers from Syria bring home – finally, the terror militia IS to be defeated there. The decision met with national and international large lack of understanding. Trump should have taken the decision against the advice of important members of the Cabinet. Experts remind that the IS is not defeated, and a deduction have fatal consequences.

“allies are very important, but…”

America defense Minister James Mattis had, because of fundamental disagreements with Trump in this as in other matters announced his resignation. The Syria decision is to be relevant for it to have been. Mattis criticized but also the General foreign policy course of Trump, such as a lack of respect for international allies.

bitterly Trump but complained about the General criticism of his Syria decision. Others would have been celebrated for such a decision, as a hero, he will be criticized by the media is difficult, he wrote. “Crazy!”