Inflation continues its course in 2023. After a deeply painful year 2022 for the wallets of French people, the government is continuing to put in place measures to improve the purchasing power of citizens. Recently, the executive called on major retailers to offer an “anti-inflation basket” to their customers by March 1, 2023.

At the microphone of Europe 1, Olivia Grégoire, Minister Delegate in charge of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SME), Trade, Crafts and Tourism, announced that it would be a “basket of a small fifty everyday products that would meet the needs of a family with children”.

The government’s goal? “Ensure that the French can have attractive prices on an everyday basket. I want there to also be quality products, fresh, organic products and that it’s not just a low-priced basket , but a daily basket”, articulated Olivia Grégoire.

U stores launched their own anti-inflation basket from Wednesday 1 February. The latter includes 150 everyday products sold at cost price, including flour, oil, pasta, milk, coffee, sandwich bread and even tuna.

Michel Biero, executive director of purchasing and marketing at Lidl France, told BFMTV that the hard-discount brand would also launch its inflation basket on March 1. The device will contain around fifty everyday products: “I said that twenty was too little (…) you have to take the products that you find the most in the closet of the French”, he said. he explains. Before concluding: “There will be organic in our basket”.