One day, after a 1-2 defeat against royal Antwerp, and 5 to 21 emerged as a prominent figure in the Neighbourhoods. Anthony Vanden Borre (31) was made this morning at the club and spoke with the manager, Michael Verschueren. “You come home to a safe environment, it will do me good.”, it says Vanden Borre, who is for the time being, the promises made will be allowed to train with us.

Michael Verschueren has always been said that the internationally renowned ex-player is welcome at Anderlecht, and he was able to train with the promises made. The first steps are now taken, and that makes the fans dream. Vanden Borre has always been an enormous favourite with the public, and as a child of the house.

A real contract and doesn’t look for it right away, as Vanden Borre’s already been months without a team. He explained, however, a basic level of fitness in your own trainingcomplex in Qatar, but it is the last professional club, where he was meetrainde was for Cercle Brugge in 2018.

“Vanden Borre was brought up in our Academy, and it has been a long time ago to come knocking on your door and asked if we want to help you to re-wedstrijdfit-to-be. As a club, can you do that, of course, is the child of the house,” said Athletic DirecteurMichael Verschueren.“If he wants to prove that he is able to return to the top level, and we want him to be the best of the facilities provide; however, with the promise that he has A heart, it will connect to a computer. He will need a quiet work at his pace, without pressure, but with a continuous review.”

“you come Home to a safe environment, it will do me good”, zegtAnthony Vanden Borre on the website of Anderlecht.”I’m in the club and very grateful that I get to be me again, a football player has to feel it. The only thing I can do now is to work hard, to work on my 32 is still opportunity to seek to enforce it as a professional footballer. I don’t expect it, but I’m hoping that I can have my club, anything you can give back, if only for example, because of my voetbalervaringen in the training to share it with the guys from the U21.”

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