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The big battles are often remembered for their heroic times more than for the victory itself. The Grand Prize of Andalusia this coming weekend will be remembered as the race of Marc Marquez , regardless of whether the pilot of Cervera achieved the triumph. Just four days after having passed by the knife will get on your Honda to contest the qualifications in Jerez, a race for which he was given after the fracture in the middle third of the humerus. The epic began to take shape a few minutes after his rude fall after a famous comeback at the circuit in andalusia. is “will I be able to run next Sunday?” , we dropped Marquez with half-shut eyes, for the pain of the doctors who were attending. A question obsessive that he repeated at the doctor Xavier Mir , after passing by his operating table in Barcelona.

Desoyó all of the tips and discarded any prudent decision. The only element that could frenarle was the state of the radial nerve, which was intact. It clung to the Catalan demand of running in Jerez. In your head even restallaba l a loss of the Moto2 World championships in 2011 after falling in Malaysia scored two consecutive zeros (not raced in Valencia, spain) in the last two grand Prizes. Marquez is aware that in a World so short (13 races)almost no time to recover points.

Yesterday morning boarded a private plane that allowed him to arrive on time at the medical examination in the clinic at the circuit of Jerez . With a bandage compression black on the right arm, set out to pass all the test of strength and prove to the doctors that there is a danger neither to him nor to others. His hand was in perfect condition to fly. Also, I had the endorsement of the doctor Mir , which in addition to operate and let to travel to Jerez, it forms part of the medical team of the World, whose director is dr. Ángel Charte. Yel galen chief gave him the thumbs up. A plate of the latest generation fixed to the bone with ten screws allows the new miracle of Marquez, accustomed to live together with plates, screws, and welds, since I have use of reason. “ Your bones are normal, but they are bones of professional athletes , young people with muscles are especially active and powerful, and with a capacity of suffering is impressive in the day-to-day rehabilitation. And a key point, you have a mad desire to heal and to compete again, which causes your body to react to send more cells and more activity, that causes that can reduce the time by half,” says Mir.

The doctor Charte justified yesterday the medical decision to allow the pilot to run on Sunday. “You have practiced all the movements that could be affected by the injury and has proven that he has done so perfectly. Any symptom or pain or inability of the limb to upper-right. While it may seem strange, the pilot is perfectly prepared to run. is Not has shown any symptoms or pain or disability mechanical limb. You can’t know what percentage, but meets all the rigour of the medical protocol to run,” has settled Charte.

Tomorrow will be crucial to check the physical condition of Marquez, that the regulation does not obligate you to compete in today’s free practice, allowing you to have one more day of rest and recovery with his inseparable physiotherapist Carlos Garcia. Depending on what happens this Saturday, Repsol Honda will decide what to do. “What is clear is that Honda has never pressured the pilot to run. We respect the situation and your opinion. That’s why we let you try. Of course, their results are very important for us”, wished to clarify Alberto Puig , team manager of HRC.

will Be tested this Saturday

Marquez should fight against the pain and prudence but in his favor is that he knows the circuit, has been conducting tests during five days last week and knows that his pace is good, and his bike also. It is evident with the rising of the thirteen posts before going to the ground when I rode third in the race. “ We have the start-up of the bike , he knows exactly how to ride the bike on this circuit so that it makes no sense to roll the Friday and stress over the injury. Try the Saturday and then, we’ll see,” he insists Alberto Puig.