In-N-Out stated in a statement that they refused to be the vaccine police for any government.

Another California county shut down an In-N-Out location on Tuesday due to refusal of the popular burger chain to comply with COVID-19 vaccine rules.

Contra Costa County health officials closed the Pleasant Hill restaurant indefinitely after they ignored repeated warnings not to allow customers to eat indoors without proof of vaccination or proof that they have tested negative for the virus within the last 72 hours.

The county issued numerous warnings and fines to local In-N’Out restaurants, including two in Pinole.

Public health officials see vaccine enforcement requirements as essential tools to slow down COVID-19, at a moment when more than 1,500 Americans are dying from the virus every day.

In-N-Out, located in Irvine, California has repeatedly refused to comply with the requirements.

“We are not going to be the vaccine police for any government. In-N-Out stated in a statement that it was unreasonable, unsafe, and intrusive to make restaurant employees segregate customers into those who can be served and those who cannot.

Authorities stated that the In-N-Out San Francisco’s only was shut down for several days on Oct. 14 after it refused to comply with its public health mandate.

Fisherman’s Wharf’s restaurant reopened last Wednesday, but it is now only allowed to serve takeout and outside dining. The San Francisco Chronicle reported Tuesday that the Department of Public Health in the city is investigating a complaint about indoor dining.