Stars also have the right to retire! A significant number of them have already done so. This is the case of the songwriter and performer Antoine, who spoke recently in the press on this subject, reports Pleine Vie on his site. But he is not the only one ! Geneviève de Fontenay, for example, has also decided to put an end to her professional career after years spent chairing the Miss France committee. For these people, there are different types of pension plan, such as that provided for artist-authors, observes the specialized site La Retraite en Clair. It remains to be seen whether such a career path pays, once the cessation of activity has occurred? More information on this subject in our slideshow at the end of this article.

In general, the basic pension for author artists concerns all creators of original works, “whether graphic, plastic, musical, audiovisual, literary (including translators), photographic, etc.”, can we read on the specialized platform.

Artist-authors are attached to the general scheme for the basic pension, but two dedicated organizations manage their affiliations. These are La Maison des Artistes and Agessa. However, the contribution method is quite similar to that of employees, except that there are different tax statuses depending on the type of income received (copyright, for example).

Of course, not all stars fit into this category. Among the retirees who once enjoyed an unparalleled notoriety are, in fact, the presenters… and the political representatives. Both have benefited from high salaries, which generally provide them with a more than adequate pension. Summary in pictures below.