A persona non grata champion. Christian Quesada is one of the masters who have marked the history of the 12 noon shots, since its creation in 2010. Third biggest player on the show (with 809,392 euros in winnings and gifts in 193 participations), the fifty-year-old eliminated in January 2017 was talked about in the “miscellaneous facts” section.

In April 2020, Christian Quesada was sentenced by the courts to three years in prison for “corruption of minors” and “possession and dissemination of child pornography”. After a stay in prison in Bourg-en-Bresse, the ex-candidate was released in March 2021 before fainting in the wild. He nevertheless remains under the surveillance of the police and, in general, of the forces of order; since he was instructed to remain locatable 24 hours a day.

While TF1 is celebrating the 12th anniversary of its noon show by bringing together 56 emblematic champions in Le combat des maîtres, since June 26, will Christian Quesada be mentioned on the air in the show? Will we see his career in pictures? For Jean-Luc Reichmann, the question no longer even arises around the fallen ex-champion.

“No, that’s over. And then, I don’t talk about it anymore,” he replied firmly to journalists during a press conference at TF1 on June 15, which Planet attended. . “I zapped total, I was asked what was my worst memory, it’s my worst memory”. For the animator and hero of Léo Mattei, the case is now behind him. “I’m not going to write pages on this, we’re not going to be touts, you and me. When we were wrong at this point, a little respect to avoid buzzing about someone who doesn’t not worth it at all. It’s a parenthesis that is totally closed. It’s my worst memory, period.

With our colleagues from Puremedias, the program director of Endemol France, Mathieu Bayle, shared the same opinion as the presenter of TF1. “Christian Quesada was one of the noon masters of the show. Here it is. He was, factually. Today, he is someone with whom we no longer work and we no longer wish to work”. Withdrawn from media life, Christian Quesada would have changed his appearance to live in anonymity and “returned the keys to his house in Hauteville last summer”, indicated Le Progrès in the spring of 2021.