The tension is mounting over the days in the Philippines. This Tuesday, March 21 is broadcast the fifth episode of Koh-Lanta, The sacred fire hosted by Denis Brogniart on TF1. After ten days of survival, the adventurers still in the race saw their destiny changed.

Last week, the red and yellow tribes contested an individual knockout comfort event. With the goal being not to be the last to light his fire in the allotted time, farmer Gilles got his flame to burn first while Belgian Elodie failed, resulting in her ousting. It was without counting on the new distribution of the teams which redistributed the cards.

What disturb the 16 adventurers remaining in the adventure. It is then Rudy, designated by his opponent and holder of the sacred fire Gilles, and responsible for composing the new teams. The RATP driver was assigned the new red team while the northern breeder chose to leave with the yellow ones.

After another Paninam (yellow) victory in the immunity test, the Tinago (red) were brought in to designate an adventurer to eliminate. While Chief Rudy wanted to oust an ex-yellow from the new tribe (Clémence, Frédéric or Quentin) to spare his protege Tania (eliminated at the end of the council), another adventurer did not hear it that way: c his is Anne-Sophie, a historical member of the red tribe.

At 35, the candidate from Lunéville in Meurthe-et-Moselle is a zumba teacher. A discipline that empties his mind on a daily basis. “Dancing is a breath of fresh air for me and I’m really in my bubble,” she says in her presentation portrait. Indeed, life has not always been happy for Anne-Sophie.

“I grew up with two disabled parents. My dad, I am his legs, he is my fuel,” she admits, moved, facing the camera. “And when I think of him, it makes me angry.” Resourceful, generous and benevolent, Anne-Sophie is a fighter who intends to pull out of the game to go the furthest. Even if it means joining forces with the right people to overthrow your rivals? Will she achieve reunification?

Before following the rest of Anne-Sophie’s adventure, Planet reveals her portrait in pictures. From zumba to Koh-Lanta, here is our anthology in the slideshow.