Everything is (almost) fine for Anne Roumanoff. A popular face of entertainment with fans, the comedian will celebrate his 35-year career on the Olympia stage on December 4 with a host of guests. Before this anniversary, the 50-year-old is touring the sets to ensure her promotion.

Invited this Thursday, November 17 in the program C to you on France 5, Anne Roumanoff returned to her career against the band of Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine. The opportunity for the actress to also make revelations about her private life. So when the host asks him about one of his show characters, a scalpel addict, the comedian talks about his relationship with cosmetic surgery.

“Aesthetic surgery, you don’t even recommend it to your worst enemy, Anne?” asked Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine. Before his guest retorts. “Oh, but no, we can do little things”. Something to arouse the curiosity of his interlocutor who quotes. “Liposuction, you say: ‘It’s better to stop eating than to get liposuction'”.

A statement that seems to have embarrassed Anne Roumanoff. The latter preferring to evade the subject before finally confessing. “I did that, yes. But I don’t want to talk about it,” she said, justifying. “It’s because it hurts a lot.”

And for good reason, this is not the first time that Anne Roumanoff has mentioned her stomach liposuction operated during confinement in March 2021. “No, but it hurts very, very badly! Frankly, I prefer a diet and abs”, a- she assured in We redid the TV on RTL. More talkative in the face of Éric Dussart and Jade, she confided that she wanted to take the plunge during the cessation of her activities on stage. “I said to myself: ‘Now is the time or never’. I have all the time to work, whereas there I said to myself: ‘I will do it’. But I had not at all struck that it was an operation, hyper… Frankly, it hurts very very very badly”, according to comments quoted by Télé-Loisirs.

However, the star has not lost her smile and intends to make the public laugh during her show Anne Roumanoff