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Few people know it, but Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, flagship host of the show C à vous on France 5, had a romantic romance in 2007 with comedian Mustapha El Atrassi. A relationship that will end suddenly some time later after the latter decided to file a complaint against him for assault and battery, reports Indeed, the star of the small screen accuses her ex-companion of domestic violence. Allegations that the comedian has always denied.

At only 36 years old, Mustapha El Atrassi has also announced that he has decided to end his career as a comedian. According to information from Public, the former companion of Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine is currently playing his very last show entitled “Game Over” to say goodbye to his audience and to stand-up. “I never do that usually, it’s a rule I’ve had since the beginning. When the show is over, it’s over. But this is a bit special. It’s really the last time that we see each other. It is time for me to put an end to this parenthesis”, he would have confided in a recent interview. “This job, it’s screwing me up from the inside… It’s a big fight to get there. It’s not a normal job. I did it with all my heart, maybe too much. Your laughter is my tears and it’s time for me to laugh a little and I think it’s your turn to cry,” concluded the comedian.

Shortly after the domestic violence case, television host Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine finds love again in the arms of a Franco-Portuguese architect named Philippe Coelho. They would have met via the show La Nouvelle édition. Quickly, the lovers pass the ring on their finger in June 2012. Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, who is already the mother of a boy named Arthur, gives birth to their first child, named Vasco, on June 13, 2013.

In an interview with Paris Match, the star of France Télévisions confided in her tidy couple. “When the show is on, he’s taking care of the children. He’s an architect, also works quite a bit. And often, after dinner, we both get back to work. Studious evenings” , she explained and added: “Philippe has always supported me. But he refuses to see TV enter his social life. Many of his colleagues were unaware that I was his wife. He’s a really nice man.”

In April 2021, the show C à vous presented by host Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine was at the heart of a lively controversy. While journalist Sonia Mabrouk was to come to the set to promote her book Insoumission française, she was disinvited without explanation. Faced with this, the journalist from Europe 1 did not fail to express her dissatisfaction on Twitter then in the columns of Purepeople.

“I had hesitated to go, but I said yes. It had been stalled for over a month. Then they canceled the day before. I didn’t get a phone call or an explanation. . Whether for me or for other authors, I find it cavalier. They canceled. It is entirely their right. But I found it to be inelegant and disrespectful”, had– she confided to Purepeople and added that she had spoken by telephone with Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine who had found her another date but that she no longer wished to return “It’s over. I’m not going. I don’t don’t make a case of it, but I allowed myself a tweet because I find that it is not done”.

Since the start of 2021, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine has become the official host of the show Le Grand Échiquier, succeeding her friend Anne-Sophie Lapix. Against all expectations, it is Claire Chazal who will take over from the start of the next school year on France 3.

Asked by TV Mag, the host of C à vous reacted to this news. “I am very happy because Passage des arts will have a good exhibition in the second part of the evening on France 2 and Le Grand Échiquier suits it perfectly”, she explained and added: “Claire has other qualities than the my skills in classical music. Taking the reins at the last moment of this big machine was a real challenge. I felt pleasure and pride in it but my presentation was, let’s say, a little ‘wild’, more rock ‘n roll”.