Kortrijk / Heule –

A dog bite, the nine-year-old Anissa Wednesday afternoon in the café. The girl was alone at home. The owner of the dog will be called to account for this.

The offences took place Wednesday, at about 12.15 o’clock in the Moorseelsestraat in Heule, when Anissa Ouassou (9), was on his way home from school. At one point, she set her bike against the wall. Then along came a wife and a dog. “Anissa has been an animal lover,” says her dad, Mo. “It may be wanted the animals to play with. Anissa was, however, suddenly fall down, and the dog will bite her in the jaw. In a real event, it was not there.”The hondenbazin and sent the girl home because she has no phone, found her in her diary. Anissa drove up to the house in the Kortrijksestraat. it was to take care of them, and the emergency services will be called.

“Anissa had to go to the hospital. She was a baxter, and a few injections. Everyone was so helpful and kind,” says Mo.

Anissa’s parents regret, however, that the owner of the dog, without doing anything. They do not feel resentment toward them, but they are very, very disappointed that there’s on-the-spot, no help has been offered and the child is alone at home.Mo: “Anissa was in a state of shock. She has stitches in her cheek. She was given injections against infections and diseases, and will be the home to achieve this.”

The search for the black dog and went around on social media. The investigation into the circumstances continues. There are images at the level of the KV Kortrijk. That will now be looked at by the police.And Anissa said, “I was an animal lover, but I will most certainly need to be more careful.”