A koala bear has a very heavy crash in Australia, as if by miracle has survived. What’s more, a car crashed into the side of Wazza with a speed of up to 110 per hour, and the animal was dragged down, but the animal was only slightly wounded.

According to the ABC, it was Wazza, but at least ten miles long-‘re dragged along the bottom of the front of a car on the Pacific Highway in New South Wales, region of Australia. It was only when the car is stopped, the animal to free itself. As if by a miracle it was that the animal is not seriously injured, and only one leg, was slightly wounded.

Only the presence of Wazza got injured. Photo: a Koala hospital, Port Macquarie

As the car stopped, fled from Wazza with a tree in it. The director called me to a hospital. “Well, I think she has her legs pulled up and the injury is limited. Had they not done so, she would probably have no legs anymore,” said the doctor to The Guardian. “When she arrived at the hospital, the animal was very wild. most of the wild animals as a research, it is not so good.”

now, Wazza has been around for three years, and is at the hospital. “She’s doing great, and within the next three weeks back to be released. She climbs out here in the trees, but only in the smallest of things,” says the doctor, yet.