Who has just before Christmas, concerned, no gifts, can expire once in a panic. Who does not know these spontaneous, especially imaginative gifts? Knitting socks and the mandatory voucher were probably at any time under the Christmas tree. So far, So unproblematic. The socks you put on then Yes but always like to. But to bark what if this starts a spontaneous gift at a time and each day will be guided one – hour dog Walks for the next 15 years? Again and again we hear of animals, the land as a gift under the Christmas tree and then after the first Christmas eve-euphoria be pushed aside as the assembled Lego model.

According to the German animal protection Association, some animals are returned already in the first weeks of January. The largest return wave is then followed usually the middle of the year when the first summer holiday with pet, or the cute puppies are suddenly grown. Many animal shelters in Germany and therefore stop the placement of the animals over the Christmas days. Annette rust from the animal protection Association in Berlin reported, why such a stop is necessary.

Mrs rust, you are the spokesperson for the animal welfare Association for Berlin and the surrounding area. In your local animal shelter do not stop in the Christmas season, the mediation of animals, they can be ill-advised under the tree. How does this work exactly?

We can make this year the placement of 19. up to 27. December. The Background is that we want to prevent that animals end up as a Surprise or spontaneous gifts under the Christmas tree. We find that animals are absolutely unfit. A gifted tennis racket can no longer put the kids in the corner, and if you like the sports, suddenly, with an animal, the Situation is quite different. To have an animal, is to assume long-term responsibility for a living creature. You have to make in advance thoughts.

Since when is there because of the mediation stop in the Berlin animal shelter before Christmas?

it’s been there for several years. The many animal protection societies and animal shelters in the whole of Germany as well, the impulse gifts, this time, to prevent.

the demand before Christmas and Was in front of the traffic because higher?

a few years Ago. Therefore, this placement stop has been set up. We then noticed that, suddenly, before Christmas, people were here, who have never with the attitude of an animal, and also with the responsibility, then, apart. This is such a bad solution. So a animal man, has for many years, and it is a family member. It should then decide the whole family when it comes to the question: “we’re gonna get a pet or not?”

And if a family has thought about before Christmas a good to get a pet in the family?

We in the the have so that all of our pet houses are open completely to normal in time. You can visit us on our opening Hours, you can come with the nurses to talk and advise. You can look at, of course, the animals, and then just after the holidays come in and an animal to adopt. For Christmas itself we offer prospective customers a kind of symbolic voucher. You can also simply literature as a symbolic gift under the tree and then after Christmas with the whole family coming over. Then you can look together and see whether it is the right animal.