(London) Activists from the Animal Rising group attacked the new official portrait of King Charles III in a London gallery on Tuesday, covering the sovereign’s head with the face of the character Wallace, from the animated series Wallace and Gromit.

In a video uploaded to on farms certified by the RSCPA, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

The official portrait of Charles III has been on display since mid-May at the Philip Mold Gallery in London.

Painted by the famous British artist Jonathan Yeo, it depicts the king in the uniform of the Welsh Guards regiment against a scarlet red background which spills over his figure.

It was commissioned by the Drapers’ Company, one of London’s historic trading guilds, at whose headquarters it will subsequently be exhibited.

Animal Rising presents itself as a non-violent organization that advocates for the establishment of a society where humans “share a positive relationship with animals and nature.”  

She has just published a report denouncing “animal suffering and horrible cruelty” on several farms whose products display the RSCPA label, which is supposed to guarantee good breeding conditions.

King Charles III, a long-time advocate of the environment and more sustainable agriculture, is the patron of the RSCPA.

Last year, Animal Rising activists stole three lambs from the Sandringham estate, owned by the sovereign in Norfolk, to denounce the breeding of animals for food.