A star who walks in the shadow of his parents. Angèle Herry is the fruit of the union between Patrick Dewaere and Miou-Miou (Sylvette Herry, her real name), a leading couple in French cinema. Born on August 13, 1974, she is the first daughter of the famous actor who had success in Les Valseuses.

When her parents separated, Angèle Herry went to live with her mother and her new companion, the singer Julien Clerc, whom she met on the set of Love and Fresh Water in 1975. Despite the distance, she continued to see Patrick Dewaere when she accompanies her mother on the shoots. Their “blended” family grew with the birth of his half-sister Jeanne Herry in April 1978, then the youngest Lola Dewaere, the actor’s second daughter, born in 1979 from his relationship with Elisabeth “Elsa” Malvina Chalier.

In 1982, Angèle Herry was eight years old when her father Patrick Dewaere committed suicide at the age of 35. While Miou-Miou had separated from Julien Clerc the previous year, the latter retains a particular affection for the young woman by dedicating his song Angela to her, released in 1984. A cult piece for the one who will ask this stepfather who raised her all her youth to adopt her. “Angèle became my daughter, and I adopted her at her request when she turned 17,” said the interpreter of Ma Préférence for Paris Match in February 2021.

Having thus become Angèle Herry-Leclerc (the real name of Julien Clerc, editor’s note), the young woman obtained her literary baccalaureate to head towards studies in modern literature. “I studied literature then a few jobs before telling myself that I was made for writing, and even more so, for writing stories intended to be filmed”, explains the screenwriter in an interview for Lise Arif Agency in April 2021.

Today, Angèle Herry-Leclerc is a screenwriter recognized in the artistic profession. We owe him the screenplay for several series such as Diane, femme flic, Julie Lescaut, Sœur Thérese.com, Boulevard du Palais and Nina and L’Art du crime. Most of the fictions were co-written with Pierre-Yves Mora.

On social networks, the daughter of Patrick Dewaere (the latter is in the spotlight of a documentary this Friday, October 21 on France 5) shares some photos of filming and poses in the company of many actors of the profession. More discreet about her private life, we just know that she married her “longtime” companion in 2019 and that she adopted a little girl, according to the words of her stepfather Julien Clerc.