The man is coming tomorrow to assess the role of Vincent Kompany plays for Anderlecht. In accordance with the license terms, and it is forbidden for a non-certified coach in charge, an arrangement that is subject to its own trainersopleiding to be protected. There is also a dossier is drawn up, from which it appears that Kompany is more than just a player, but the purple-and-white, that is, of course, disagree.

in Anderlecht and will be tomorrow, so it will have to demonstrate that it is not for Vincent Kompany, but Simon Davies to the squad, this year’s training was the actual head coach is. Can it be that it is not, then, to vary the penalties, fines, and even loss of license.

as KV Kortrijk, made it three seasons ago-when Karim Belhocine on the couch, seated in front of them with no formal qualifications. Kortrijk came away with a fine of up to 5,000 euros, as Belhocine immediately knew to sign up for the required Pro-Licence course.

it Is the Anderlecht for the submission of the license is not in good order, there is, in theory, the loss, but it will never happen. Especially with the arrival of Frank Vercauteren it has the purple and white will soon be a certified coach, and is already in the file be put up before it was set up, and have the purple-and-white, are there to defend it.

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