and Anderlecht was played today in a practice game against KV Mechelen but that tankte don’t immediately trust it, but on the contrary, because it was 1-4 to the visitors. Early in the morning, and worked for the AA Gent and KV Oostende in a practice duel off, behind closed doors, well, it was 4-1, but for the benefit of the team. Antwerp is knocked out at the last Sprint in a oefenmatch that vrijschopdiscussie to date. Club Brugge went into the house to ruin by the Dutch resembled STOKE city: 0-1.

Anderlecht to smash it against KV Mechelen

the KV Mechelen this afternoon at the training centre of the Neerpede with a 1-4 win at Anderlecht. A great result as Anderlecht are still a lot of well-known names (Didillon, Cobbaut, Chipciu, Trebel, Gerkens, and Thelin on the field stood.

as Anderlecht dominated possession of the ball, K and tried to poke it from the switch. Has been a success. Togui missed the first big chance of the eye-to-eye with the Didillon, but compelling just after the half-hour, however, a penalty is decreased. Tainmont falling within 0 to 1. After the break brought the definitive coastal command variant of the score quickly at 0-2 after Anderlecht’s aansluitingstreffer, made by Thelin. Hairemans with a fine lob and a Van Keilegom blocked in purple, white, soon, all hope is gone.

as An additional vertrouwensboost for KV Mechelen, that’s in taipei, taiwan, with the typeploeg in the league. Kaya and Van Cleemput kept out as a precaution at the hospital. In Anderlecht, there were no risks taken with the Vlap, Sandler, and Luckassen. Lutonda has made his comeback after an injury. (thst).

Goals: is a 33′ Tainmont (s), from 0 to 1, 54′ Hairemans 0-2, 66′ Thelin 1-2, 69′ Hairemans 1-3, 71′ Van Keilegom 1-4.

AA Gent to win with the large numbers of KV Oostende

Ostend, performed in Gent, for the rest, just a bit sharper than the home side and it opened up just before half-time through a deviation of shot from D to He the score at all. The Gent responded immediately and arranged to have the pause through the Sylla – in reference to Van Den Bergh, for the second half. After taking a rest in the second half and the game in your hands, and the buffaloes won easily, thanks to goals from Derijck, Kubo, and Dompé. (ssg).

Goals: (43, ” D’haese from 0 to 1, 45’ Sylla 1-1, 56’ Derijck 2-1 (pen), 59’ Kubo 3-1, 72’ Dompé 4-1

the Son of a Dutch legend, it wipes out the Club Brugge

at Club Brugge and was able to out win over the Netherlands, NAC Breda recently, the winner of the first periodetitel in the Dutch second division. The Club had a number of internationals missing but it took several basisspelers in the field. The goal of the Dutch was scored by 19-year-old Sydney van Hooijdonk, the son of the legend Pierre van Hooijdonk.

in Preparation, Club Brugge, Horvath, Kossounou, Been, Some, Writers, Vlietinck (75’ Van den Keybus), Zip (46’ Is), Sagna (79,’ The organization behind), red Fox, Diagne, Okereke.

New vrijschopdiscussie at Antwerp

the Antwerp remains the midweeks oefenmatchen work, especially in the interlandbreak. With a Short stroke and this time it is number four in the Dutch League down to the other end. The visitors from Arnhem started in the end of the game. In the fifteen minutes of the Antwerp army, not to pay attention to one another. To the left, Clark said, freely, from within. Shortly after the 0-1 it seemed the red-and-white, by a penalty equal to be able to make it, but the referee has put the doctrine out of the sixteen, for a prior error on the Lamkel Zé. The slotkwartier of the first period of time has brought change for the better for The Great Old. Gano finished with a clever combination by Refaelov, and the use of butane was not bad. Lamkel Zé has had more success, and finished with a rush that started on the half way line pretty print: 1-to-1. Even though there is no cat in front of the stadium, was the fourth to the end ardently.

After a rest, a free-kick is once again a matter of discussion. Unbelievable, after the embarrassing showing last week, and Lamkel Zé had a good laugh about it. Refaelov finally had a Baby to take his chance, but with the right (!) he kicked the linksvoetige as high. The Baby could be that shot in the dark be destroyed, because the French-Senegalese had been a moment before, for a 2-1 all taken care of. A binnentikker after Gano’s always had to score a goal. The small gap proved to be enough for the win. (full)

Goals: in 15 Min from 0 to 1, Clark, 43’ 1-1 Lamkel Zé, 1-To-1, 66’ 2-1 Baby

Photo: of out More about KV Mechelen, Beerschot, they do not give up, KV Mechelen and refers the complaint to the licence to revoke the “inadmissible and unfounded” facility news. The prestigious oefenmatchen for the Cercle Brugge and Waasland-Beveren (belgium), international swarm from the Football association is looking for a license, KV Mechelen, after a complaint from Beerschot fifty minutes with a man more, it is not enough for Eupen: KV Mechelen to win at the Kehrweg