Andalusia champion of Spain by equipment
Andalusia champion of Spain by equipment

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The Andalusian Federation of Sailing has proclaimed today, in Eagles, new champion of Spain for Teams after winning the final of the Balearic Federation of Candle in a tight 2-1. The third and fourth place has had as protagonists the Sailing Federation of the Comunitat Valenciana and the Canary Sailing Federation achieving the first of them the bronze medal.

a Lot of equality and duels very close in all and each one of the confrontations in the previous phase, at which time they have been the best conditions, wind 6-7 knots on a shaft of the 150th (SE-Southeast). Canaries he managed 3 wins in the previous phase: the Basque country, Murcia, Comunitat Valenciana, so giving him a pass to the next round. In the same line stood the Balearic islands and Andalusia, with 3 wins respectively. The islanders on Comunitat Valenciana, Andalucía and Galicia, while the andalusians made them in front of the Canary islands on two occasions, and the duel that gave them the ticket to the next round was with the Balearic islands.

The Region of Valencina could move on to the next round thanks to their direct confrontation with Catalonia, and in particular with the Balearic islands. Those two wins gave them to the levantines to be able to be competing for 3rd and 4th place of the national front for the canaries, who came to win the levantines and their first win in the first match of the day with the Basque country.

The final classification of the championship of Spain by Equipment of Autonomies has been with the podium formed by Andalusia, followed by the Balearic islands and Comunitat Valenciana. The fourth square has been to the Canary islands, followed by Catalonia, Murcia, the community that it achieved a single win and in front of one of the federations as strong as the galician, Galicia and the Basque country.

Tomorrow we retake the individual competition. The race committee plans to complete three tests, so that at the end of the day you will be able to close the groups gold and silver that will compete in the final phase in the fourth and last day of the championship this Sunday.

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