The Austrian Federal army has flown in a large group of students from the vicinity of Dortmund with two helicopters from a mountain. The group with a total of 66 people have been sitting since Saturday in the high mountain house in Grünau im Almtal, said mayor Wolfgang Bammer of the Austrian news Agency APA.

The young people of Dortmund had travelled for a skiing trip to upper Austria. Due to the large avalanche danger and the closed ski lifts, you could but, ultimately, not on the slopes. You would not have enjoyed a more adventurous stay, however, as after a few days, mobile phone and television were available, said Bammer. Only an emergency generator had supplied the house with electricity.

A spokesman for the Federal army, said that the students had not been possible to ski down. Also a salvage with a groomer or a similar device would not have been possible. Therefore, the group was taken on Friday, finally, with the help of two helicopters of the Federal army into the valley. “They are all risen with a big Smile from the helicopter,” said mayor Bammer.

More snow on Sunday

On the short breather on the winter front, the next severe weather situation in Bavaria. In the night of Sunday, a very complex weather situation to come to the free state, said the head of the Regional weather Advisory in Munich of the German weather service (DWD), Guido Wolz on Friday. Massive deep foothills bring the forecast to strong snowfall in the Alps and the Bavarian forest. In the course of a day, the snow level could rise to 1200 meters, including it will rain.

The Snow is lower, will cover through the rain, although Wolz said. But the danger of snow masses on roofs is going to rise. “If there is raining, will increase the weight again significantly,” – said the expert. “The legislation could be dicey.”

As a civil engineer Michael Stauch explains that sucks derSchnee the heavier the rain like a sponge.As a result, the snow density to take and could quickly expose the double weight. The temperatures drop at night below zero degrees, could also form especially heavy sheets of ice. Who’s afraid of the snow load could be due to the rain too heavy, should clear the snow on his roof, or at least reduce.