Analysis on the situation in the USA – the democracy is alive and well-fortified coup, postponing the elections: horror scenarios in the Wake of the demonstrations in the USA in the round. Are going to enter you.Opinion Martin Kilian, Washington0 KommentareBei everything that is going on in the USA at the moment, one hears increasingly of the one or the other nightmare scenario: a soldier of the national guard standing in front of a Graffito of the police hand-murdered George Floyd in Los Angeles.Photo: Jae C. Hong (Keystone)

Not identifiable security forces without insignia are going to go off in Washington on peaceful protesters.

A quick reaction reserve, the 82. Airborne division is ordered from Fort Bragg in North Carolina in the capital.

the helicopter circling in the minimum possible flight altitude to protesters to intimidate the end in the vicinity of the White house.

And Donald Trump threatens with the “Insurrection Act” of 1807, which allowed him the use of regular troops against the country-wide demonstrations in the Wake of the death of George Floyd.

Already surmise up votes suggested in European and U.S. media, here’s a frontal attack was being prepared on the American democracy, even a coup. It’s true: The Caesar delusional the President is not to deny similarly, the desire of Republican hardliners, such as Senator Tom Cotton (Arkansas) to a deployment of the army in American cities. After all, trump’s defense, described Minister Mark Esper of the cities as “battlefields”.

Although conservative, but still no coup

So far but it will come. It is inconceivable that the officer corps of the U.S. armed forces with the General staff at the top than Donald trump’s Praetorian guard abusing liesse. The commander may predominantly politically conservative, coup leaders but are not among them. Thus, it was no Surprise that the Pentagon Boss Esper dropped on Wednesday of Trumps desired militarisation of the state and his future in office risked.

Is against the Trump’s desired military intervention: The US Secretary of defense Mark Esper (front, center) on 27. In may 2020, on a Tour of the quarantine facilities of the military.Photo: Lolita Baldor (Keystone)

Also have a look on the well-being of the armed forces allowed the sharp criticism of trump’s former defense Minister and Ex-General James Mattis at the President (“a danger to the Constitution”), as well as the statements of the two former chief of staff Chairman Mike Mullen and Martin Dempsey. Both condemned the use of troops against the American people violently.

The Showdown in November

Rather, it could be for the November elections is dangerous. The President and his Republican accomplices try to dampen Tricks, and both legal and illegal means, the turnout especially in urban areas. In addition, would be to imagine that Trump advancing fraud in the case of a narrow defeat and would refuse to recognise the election result.

A special danger to the States from Republican governors and Republican majorities are controlled in the state parliaments threatened in those 22 Federal. The U.S. President is not known to be directly elected, but are using the body of the ELEKTOR inside and Elektoren (choice people). Theoretically, the parliaments of the Federal States can influence the citizens from the choice of these choice people only. The legislature determined the ELEKTOR inside and Elektoren, Trump received more votes in the ELEKTOR College.

In 2016, Hillary Clinton received almost 3 million votes of the citizens more and lost nevertheless, the presidential election: Protesters Americans in Los Angeles.Photo: Mike Nelson (Keystone)

– like interventions in the College Would create a doubt a standoff between Trump and his democratic Challenger, Joe Biden, would have to make the house of representatives a choice. There each state would have one vote, would be decided depending on the number of democratic and Republican members in the Delegation of a state. There are currently more Republican than democratic majorities in the delegations, Donald Trump would be the winner.

also a shift in the November elections under the pretext of Corona pandemic is Feared occasionally. The Constitution is clear, however, to change the election date, would be a violation of the Constitution. The American democracy may have suffered in the past three and a half years, but in the end it is still a long time. And therefore, there will be neither a coup nor a postponement of the elections. Donald Trump loses in November, he will leave the White house in January 2021, if necessary, under the supervision of U.S. Marshals.

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