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A glamorous icon that continues to fascinate Hollywood. Among the back-to-school events, Marilyn Monroe is honored in the biopic Blonde directed by Andrew Dominik. Adapted from the bestseller by Joyce Carol Oates, this unpublished biopic looks back on the life and career of the actress who died tragically in 1962.

Between glory and excess, from her popularity to her descent into hell, the feature film will reveal the many facets of Norma Jean Baker. To embody it on the screen, it is the actress Ana de Armas who has been chosen for the role. “I find it very difficult to tell myself that all of this is true! I feel so lucky. I can’t believe that such an opportunity has presented itself to me!”, was surprised the Cuban-Spanish star for the JDD.

“Not just because I’m Cuban and the idea of ​​playing Marilyn for an actress whose mother tongue isn’t English seems impossible. It’s just rare, Latina or not, to land a character of this scale. It only happens once in a lifetime. I take advantage of the moment with humility”, she added to our colleagues. A role that notably earned the sublime brunette a change of appearance.

Hair, gestures, makeovers, voices… Nothing was left to chance for the completely transformed actress in the biopic. “She entered me. It was necessary to respect the smallest detail so that the result was perfect during the reconstructions of photo shoots or iconic film scenes. No room for error, I knew the choreographies by heart”, assured- her to the newspaper.

A long preparation time to allow Ana de Armas to fully immerse herself in her role. “It took me a year to prepare for this role, including finding the right accent,” she confessed to Entertainment Weekly. “It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever done. I can’t wait for it to come out”, according to comments relayed by Télé Star.

While the biopic Blonde will be released on September 28 on Netflix, the film has been presented and praised at several festivals (Venice Film Festival, Deauville…) and previews in Paris and Los Angeles. Ana de Armas in the skin of Marilyn: focus in pictures on her evolution in our slideshow.